About Us

Writ Legal exemplifies a technologically proficient legal support services company that places a strong emphasis on customer service like no other. We aim to be the most trusted and professional company for those seeking legal support services nationwide.


Our Mission – Going Beyond the Service of Process

Our mission is to set new standards for convenience and customer care in an industry not typically known for such ideals. We achieve this through a progressive approach that emphasizes modernization of legal support services in this digital age.

Utilizing Advanced Technology

Our clients benefit from the convenience of web applications that allow electronic submission of new assignments, receiving progress updates, and affidavits of service. This translates into an overall faster and more reliable communication.

Experience that Makes a Difference

Our network of over 1,600 contractors across the continental United States, Hawaii, and Alska allows us to provide service to high volume clients. Writ Legal pre-screens each individual who is contracted by the company to meet a set of professional standards that we have set forth. They are expected to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism while conducting an assignment.

Unique Research Skills

From locating a witness to searching for asset information, the various approaches and methods used to interpret the volume of information is the very essence of Writ Legal’s skip-tracing research. Our research yields more accurate and comprehensive results than our competition.