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Writ Legal is a nationwide process serving company with a network of over 1,600 local process servers across the United States. Each day we receive multiple applications sent by individuals from all walks of life across the nation.  They are either eager to make a career change or would like to further their careers as an established process server. We strive daily to deliver our best to our clients and diligently work to uphold our reputation for excellence in the legal community. Therefore, we expect our contract process servers to go above and beyond in customer service and strive for distinction in their work.

What is expected of a Writ Legal contract process server?

Writ Legal pre-screens each applicant to ensure that he/she holds proper credentials as applicable by state law. Although experience is not a requirement as training is provided, it is certainly a plus. Most of our contractors are private investigators, ex-law enforcement, security guards, etc. Whatever the case may be, we expect our process servers to use sound judgment and common sense when out in the field.  Making a diligent effort on each service attempt and most importantly upholding a professional demeanor while performing on a job is of utmost importance to Writ Legal.

You MUST meet the following requirements:

  • have an active email address
  • own a smartphone
  • remain accessible by phone on a daily basis (if necessary)
  • have access to a reliable means of transportation
  • own a computer and have internet access for updating our online database with the service attempts before midnight EST on a daily basis



We understand that serving a process takes time and patience. This is why Writ Legal pays its contract process servers more than most process serving companies. On average, we pay our contractors five to ten dollars more per service.

Writ Legal contract process servers receive compensation for:

  • Successfully completing an assignment(s)
  • Making diligent service attempts1
  • Bad address(es)2
  • Successfully serving a process through a field locate by the contractor3
  • (Note: All contractors must complete an IRS Substitute W-9 in order to receive ompensation)
  • Stake-out or surveillance4

(1) Writ Legal compensates its contractors for making four diligent service attempts. Attempts MUST be made on different days at various hours of the day as applicable by law. (2) Writ Legal only pays a bad address fee if the service address was provided to the contractor by Writ Legal. (3) Writ Legal will compensate its contractors if the contractor locates and successfully serves the process at a new address while attempting service out in the field prior to the expiration date of the service of process as indicated by Writ Legal. (4) In order to receive compensation for a stake-out/surveillance assignment, Writ Legal must provide its contractors with prior authorization.


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