Nationwide Court Filing

Let Writ Legal Simplify your next court filing

We will file your documents anywhere nationwide.  
Save time and money by taking advantage of our
hassle-free “File and Serve Package” and allow us
to simplify the entire process in one stop.

Court filing service that you can count on…

  • Efficient! upload your documents to our online system and receive electronic copies of your completed filing
  • Reliable! We minimize errors by utilizing a rigorous review process
  • Affordable! Discounts on bulk orders as well as on routine daily, weekly, and monthly filings
  • Speedy! Same-day service available in most courts nationwide.  We can also cover the court fees to expedite your filing

Combine our two popular services…

court filing + process serving = “File and Serve” package

More and more of our clients are saving time and money by utilizing our “File and Serve” package. This is a great option for clients who require rush services.  Allow Writ Legal to be a one-stop shop for all your legal support services.











Note: Same day court filing is available throughout the United States. While our agents are available Monday to Friday, the turnaround time is contingent upon when your request is received by our office. For same day service, all orders must be submitted before 9:00 a.m. on the day of your request.


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