• I have worked with Writ Legal on many cases in many different states.¬†On one occasion, I worked over 18 months to complete fact depositions and we subpoenaed witnesses from all over the country. Not only was Writ Legal successful in effectuating service on all of these witnesses, but they were also diligent in keeping me informed of the status of service.

    I continue to use Writ Legal in foreign jurisdictions and as a special process server in my own jurisdiction because I know that I will always have the most up-to-date information on my service request without having to ask for it. In addition, their network of contractors even in the most remote locations is invaluable while trying to serve those who might be evading service.

    I highly recommend Writ Legal to anyone in need of a process server.

    Michelle A. Hannon
    Paralegal, Chicago, IL

    My experience working with Writ Legal has been nothing less than stellar. The incredible attention to the client as well as their consistent, proper service of process has led our office to increasingly utilize Writ Legal’s services above all others.

    Writ Legal’s in-depth service updates, electronic acceptance of documents, and fast response time are just a few of the reasons why our office continues to do business with them.

    Julianne Littlejohn
    Legal Assistant, Charlotte, NC

    I have been using the service of Writ Legal since its inception in 2011 and have sent the company more than two hundred projects.

    Its servers are persistent and thorough. If no one answers the door at a service address, they look for information that indicates who might be residing at the address. They also question neighbors in the area and apartment complex employees to ascertain names of occupants.

    I appreciate the services of the personnel in Writ Legal’s main office. They follow instructions well and their research is tireless. They have located defendants’ places of employment for me and, even though my cases are civil litigation, they have located institutions where my defendants were incarcerated.

    I particularly like Writ Legal’s attention to detail regarding the preparation of Affidavits of Service. Its personnel developed an affidavit form specifically for use in the State of Indiana to insure that all required information is contained in the final affidavit.

    I enjoy working with Writ Legal very much and would highly recommend it. I also think its fees are reasonable.

    Mitzi J. Bridges
    Litigation Paralegal, Indianapolis, IN