Nationwide Document Retrieval

Retrieving and delivering your time-sensitive documents when you need them

Our agents routinely retrieve hundreds of documents from courts and government agencies across the country

When it comes to document retrieval we focus on…

            • Reliability: Our experienced analysts conduct a rigorous search to ensure you receive the correct documents
            • Security: After your documents are retrieved, they will be scanned and uploaded to our secure online system
            • Accessibility: For your convenience, all documents are archived and can be securely accessed online 24/7
            • Convenience: We can pre-pay for copying, printing, and other related fees to expedite your order. We also offer weekly or monthly billing and can send you certified copies of your documents per your request

We retrieve documents from all jurisdictions:

                                • Appeals Courts
                                • Bankruptcy Courts
                                • State Courts
                                • Municipal Courts
                                • Superior Courts
                                • National Archives


Example of documents we routinely retrieve:

♦  Acknowledgements
♦  Case Briefs
♦  Case docket sheets
♦  Opinions
♦  Decisions
♦  Complaints
♦  Motions
♦  Summary Dissolution
♦  Temporary Restraining Order
♦  Proofs of Service
♦  Mortgage/Deed of Trust
♦  UCC Filings

Note: Same day document retrieval is available throughout the United States. While our agents are available Monday to Friday, the turnaround time is contingent upon when your request is received by our office. For same day service, all orders must be submitted before 9:00 a.m. on the day of your request.

Questions? 1-888-667-2038 or send us an email

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