Process Serving Terminology

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Clerk Of Court

An office of the court, who is responsible for filing pleadings, motions, judgments, etc., issues process, and keeps records of court proceedings.


The complaint is the original or initial pleading by which an action is commenced and outlines the alleged facts of a case including the justification for the relief which the filing party is seeking. This document must be filed with the clerk of the respective court.

Contempt Of Court

Contempt of court is any act which is calculated to embarrass, hinder or obstruct the court in the administration of justice or which is calculated to lessen its authority or its dignity. Such actions can carry a punishment as dictated by the court in which the contempt occurred.

Corporate Service

Corporate service is serving a process on an entity that is a business, government agency, etc.


A corporation is a legal entity which can be sued or can be sued under the laws of a state which establishes an entity.

Corporations Registered Agent

This is an individual/agent whose name and address is provided by the corporation or receiving official documents. Also referred to as an "agent for service of process" or "agent for acceptance of service." Generally, States require that a corporation name an actual person who is legally authorized to accept service of any lawsuit or claim against the corporation.

Court Filing

Court filing is the act of preparing and submitting legal document(s) to the clerk of a court so that the document(s) could be held on file with the court. Courts will not consider certain documents unless they are formally filled with the court. There is generally a filing fee involved at the time of the filing.

Court Ruling

A court ruling is a declaration by a judge, court authority figure, or similar who demands a specific course of action of an individual in a legal matter.

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