Process Serving Terminology

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An obligator is an individual/entity who is bound to perform an act, provide a property deed or money to an obligee. The obligor is a person\entity who is bound to perform an act or provide a deed or money on a promissory note or legally contractual basis. They are engaged to perform some obligation.


An obligee is someone owed an act, property, money or something similar in kind. An obligee is a person who is contractually or legally committed to receiving an act, property, money or similar from another person or entity.

Order To Show Cause

An order to show cause is a type of court order, decree, execution, etc. that requires a person or persons to appear in court for a hearing (specific date/time) to justify why a particular decree, execution, etc. should not be confirmed. If failure to appear occurs, the court may impose a punishment on the individual(s).

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