Process Serving Terminology

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This is the abbreviation for "Doing Business As". This term is the trade name by which an organization conducts business transactions under.


A defendant is the person or entity defending or denying; the party against whom relief or recovery is sought in an action or suit or the accused in a criminal case. This is the individual/entity required by law to answer a complaint or respond to a civil suit which has been set forth by the filing party which in most cases is the plaintiff or petitioner; or a person/entity who has been charged or accused of violating a criminal statue.

Dissolution Of Marriage

Dissolution of marriage or divorce is the termination of legal duties of a marriage and the final termination of a martial union. Dissolution of marriage requires both parties to go through the legal process in order to finalize and legalize the divorce but does not include annulment.

Document Retrieval

Document Retrieval is the act of picking up legal documents from a court. The actual retrieval is based on what part of the case is being requested for pick up. Generally, courts charge a copy fee when documents pertaining to a case are being retrieved. Depending on the age of the case, some courts keep certain legal documents in an alternate location similar to a warehouse. Though document retrievals are usually done at a court, one may also retrieve documents from a law firm, or similar.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is the act of properly investigating a matter with certain standard and level of care and dedication, measured by the facts and circumstances. Each Due diligence attempt is documented in the form of an affidavit and presented to the court which outlines the efforts the investigator or process server took in order to locate or serve an individual or entity with legal documents.

Due Process Of Law

Implies the right of the person affected to be present before court which pronounces judgment upon the questions of life, liberty or property in its most comprehensive state; to be heard by testimony or otherwise to have the right of controverting by proof every material fact which bears on the question of right in the matter involved.

Due Process Right

All rights of citizens against government actions that threaten the denial of life, liberty or property.

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